Friday, August 30, 2013

Puerto Rico Trip Part 1

Hello loves,

Oh my oh my, am I overdue for a new blog post! It has been quite the hectic month. Ever since Ramadan came to an end, things at work kicked in rapidly. Most of my time went into preparing for this 8 day trip over to Puerto Rico. What an astounding experience it was. I felt as if I was back home, overseas, in the Middle East. 4 out of those 8 days were spent working, the main reason why we went out to Puerto Rico, the other 4 days was vacation fun! During this vacationing time, we checked into a resort right on the beach! What a beautiful sight to wake up to every morning. Most of the time I just wanted to sit on the sand, or in the hammocks and rest peacefully!

However, the fun did not stop at the resort! By far my most favorite and memorable part of the trip was our stop at El Morro, Old San Juan. If you ever decide to vacation out in Puerto Rico, you must, I repeat MUST, put El Morro on your list of activities to do, all the way on top of that list! El Morro San Juan was an old fort built back in the 1500's to protect the Puerto Ricans from invaders attempting to take over the Island. I learned a lot in the couple of hours we spent out there. I am huge on sight seeing and historical spots, so this was absolutely baffling to me and I enjoyed every minute of it, including the historical facts that was told to us by a great friend.

I would go on and on about the rest of our amazing trip, but I will leave the rest for Part 2! 

Tata for now, loves!
-La Bella

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