Thursday, August 8, 2013

What a Eid...

Bonjour loves,

Hope all is well! It has been quite the crazy month, I say! Subhanallah it feels like Ramadan started just yesterday, and now webid it ado. Inshallah we live to see another beautiful month like this. As we say our farewells to Ramadan, we welcome the wonderful celebrations of Eid. A time to share with our family and loved ones. Alhamdulillah this Eid has been a blessing for my family and I. Although times of struggle will always be around, we managed to push the troubles to the side and blissfully enjoy this joyous holiday! I began my day heading out to the prayer at Toyota Park in Chicago, as I always do every Eid. This year was different, however, I was at the stands helping our online radio: Yahala Voice ( promote to all the Muslim community members attending the prayer. I must say, we had quite a blast! What a wonderful way to start the day. Afterwards, there was a list of quick errands to run before the family and I headed out to Olive Garden for lunch/dinner. Time afterwards was spent at my sister's house opening up gifts for the children. Then hoooooome sweet home and relaxation time! Twas a wonderfully amazing day, and still has yet to end. I truly hope everyone was able to spend their holidays with their families and loved ones and enjoying it as much as I have, if not for. Many wishes goes out to my fellow Muslim brothers and sisters and inshAllah a blessed and wonderful Eid to you all! I have attached below pictures of my Eid outfit and how I went about my day.

Much love,
La Bella

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